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  • What is a Video Production Agency? What Does It Do?
    Video production agency is the general name given to companies that offer their customers all the services necessary to create videos in various categories. Video production agencies are companies that provide support to their customers in developing video content, managing video production and making the videos watchable. Full-service video production agencies can provide support in post-production and animation in addition to video production.
  • What is Video Production?
    Video production is the process of bringing ideas to life in video format. This process includes all stages from developing the concept of the project to carrying out production and finally publishing the video.
  • What is the Purpose of Video Production?
    The goal of video production is to effectively convey your message to the target audience and motivate them to take action. Videos attract more attention and reach more viewers than text and images. Therefore, videos are an ideal tool to promote your brand, market your products or services, or raise awareness about a topic.
  • What is Animated Video? How to Determine the Price?
    Animation video is a video production technique that allows you to promote your service, product or institution in the way you want and avoid production costs. After the content to be used in your animation video is scripted and the elements are visually designed, integrity is achieved with animations, voice-over and appropriate music, and your film becomes ready to meet the consumer. Animation Video also has certain subheadings; There are many types such as 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Desktop Video, Motion Graphic Video, Infographic Video. The most important details affecting Animation Video pricing are: duration of work, number of designs and elements to be animated, number of scenes. However, since the external voice to be used will vary depending on the customer, it is also one of the items that affects the price. As HOOK Video Production Agency, we can provide high quality work delivery in all these types of animation videos.
  • What is a Promotional Film? On What Basis Is a Price Quote Made?
    Promotion film; It is one of the communication strategies implemented to inform the public or target audience about a product, person, institution or service. There are many communication materials and strategies for promotion, but we can say that video is at the top of the list of communication tools that provide the highest interaction. It is a type of video production that is prepared for the brand and corporate promotions of institutions and can include services and messages in addition to the corporate structure, and is implemented in this way to inform the target audience. Promotional Films are widely preferred by companies because they can share many details with the target audience in a short time by watching them. Promotional Films also have several sub-sections within themselves, these are: Corporate Promotional Film, Product Promotional Film, Company Promotional Film, Event Promotional Film, Infographic Promotional Film. There are many details that affect the price of the Promotional Film, these are; The quality and number of details such as shooting time, location, scenario, actors, if any, preferred camera track and other production details, aerial shooting are the most important details that affect the Promotional Film prices. You can get your offer quickly by contacting us.
  • How to Shoot a Commercial Film? What are the Details?
    Commercial Film production can be positioned as a sub-heading that requires professionalism. While Video Production Agencies prepare for commercials, they divide this process into 3 main headings: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Before production, many details, from PPMs to casting selection, from shooting planning to determining the team, are resolved and worked on to bring them to life. During the production process, these determined details are shot appropriately and finally, in Post Production, color, sound, scene and music adjustments are made and they are made ready to meet the consumer.
  • What Type of Videos Are Made for Social Media?
    Nowadays, the use of social media has increased more than ever, so video is preferred to make the most effective use of the time spent on the platforms. While these videos can be handled under titles such as text graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, they can also be made by combining stock images with various effects.
  • What is Event / Event Film?
    Event is the name given to organizations where institutions gather on a certain date and make presentations, consultations, etc. in the light of certain topics. In such organizations, it is desired to shoot video, these shots may be requested for reasons such as making an event film, recording the entire event, providing instant live broadcast, etc. We determine the details according to the need, create a team/s accordingly and ensure the shooting.
  • What are the differences between 2D and 3D Animation Videos?
    2D animation is generally a flat, two-dimensional drawing. The beginning of 2D animations includes creating characters, icons, storyboards and backgrounds. It starts from simple drawings and turns into detailed designs and plans. 3D animation is the process of creating a character or image in a three-dimensional infinity. Unlike 2D animation, movements in 3D animation are unlimited, it shows you images or characters from every angle and provides unlimited movement ability, offering the light and framing movement you want. In terms of cost, 3D animation has a more laborious and longer process than 2D animation, which directly affects its cost.
  • What is 2D Animation?
    2D animation generally consists of flat, two-dimensional drawings with only widths and heights. The beginning of 2D animations includes creating characters, icons, storyboards and backgrounds. It starts from simple drawings and turns into detailed designs and plans. Finally, these plans are animated and turned into 2D Animated videos.
  • What is 3D Animation?
    3D animation is the process of realistically creating characters or objects in a three-dimensional infinity. Movements in 3D animation are unlimited, it shows you images or characters from every angle, provides unlimited movement ability, offers the light and framing movement you want, so you can get animated videos with the realistic images and textures you want.
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