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CGI Animation Video


CGI means "Computer-Generated Imagery". CGI video refers to the video production process that uses graphics and images produced by computers. This technology is used by combining computer graphics, animation and other digital effects to create real-world scenes, fantasy worlds or imaginary characters.


CGI video is commonly used in media and entertainment industries such as cinema, television, advertising and video games. While this technology can be used to create unrealistic or physically impossible scenes, it can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as simulating natural events, recreating prehistoric worlds, or creating science fiction atmospheres.


Thistechnology of course it's not new. This technology, which has been in our lives for a long time, was first used in private in outdoor advertisements had begun to be used. CGI, which has become an indispensable part of the cinema industry until today, has started to shine in the field of advertising in the last few years. Simultaneously, with the development of technology, the results become more attractive and impressive. 

Recently, we have been presented with CGI examples offered by many brands, and since the resulting works combine reality and virtual, the results are quite fascinating, which has whetted the appetite of brands and encouraged them to produce more CGI content.


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CGI Animasyon Video - 3D Animasyon - HOOK
CGI Animasyon Video - 3D Animasyon - HOOK
CGI Animasyon Video - 3D Animasyon


If we look at it from the advertising side, ​The purpose of CGI Video is to impress the target audience by creating fascinating results with virtual touches into reality.

CGI is used in a variety of ways in the advertising industry and opens up a range of creative options for brands to enhance their products, services or brand images. Here are some uses of CGI in the advertising industry:

  1. Product Animations: CGI can be used to create detailed and stunning animations of products. This can be used to highlight the product's features, demonstrate its functionality, or highlight its aesthetic features.

  2. Fantasy Scenarios and Stories: CGI can be used to bring surreal or fantasy scenarios to life. This can be used to create a special story or atmosphere associated with the brand or product.

  3. 3D Modeling and Visualization: By creating detailed 3D models of products or services, potential customers can be given a more detailed look. This is especially true for physical products such as technological products, automobiles or furniture.

  4. Strengthening Brand Image: CGI can be used to strengthen the brand's identity and image. With special designs and effects, the brand can be represented in a unique and eye-catching way.

  5. Special Effects for Advertising Campaigns: CGI can be used to add special effects as part of advertising campaigns. This can be used to create eye-catching and impressive advertising videos.

  6. Space Simulations: CGI can be used to create simulations of specific spaces. For example, realistic simulations for hotels, resorts or real estate projects can offer potential customers a better idea of the environment.

The use of CGI in the advertising industry allows brands to expand their creative expression and engage their target audience. This technology is used in the advertising world as a powerful tool to create visually impressive and original content.

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